Three Must Have Game Programming Books

by Lloyd23 on July 18, 2008

For the programmer who is looking to expand his options, books on programming are the most successful way to go. Technical book stores have lists of popular programming books that can help with the technical issues.
The three most popular and best reviewed books are: “Game Programming Gems;” “World of Warcraft Programming,” and “The Game Maker’s Apprentice: Game Development for Beginners.”
I decided to check out “The Game Maker’s Apprentice” first. First impressions with this book were good. This manual uses illustrations and easy to understand explanations which allow anyone and everyone interested in game programming to be able to participate. The great thing about The Game Maker’s Apprentice is that it shows you how to create games using the Game Maker game creation tool. Game Maker is a hit for beginning game programmers because you can create a game through use of the Game Maker tool without having any prior coding experience. Coding, which can be difficult for some new programmers is completely eliminated in this manual and instead uses a very easy drag and drop interface.
Continuing on my quest for a great programming book I kept coming across comments pointing toward “Game Programming Gems”. This is a series is more geared towards the working Visual c/C++ game programmer. It is much more technically written and less user friendly. As far as getting the job done it does just that, with over 60 programming tips from experts in the field. Many programming sites list it as their number one programming guide. I would definitely recommend this to someone seriously diving in and missing the time they spend during the school year with text books. This is not a light and fluffy read but you will not regret it. Over twenty other books cite this book. That shows what a great comprehensive series this really is. The topics covered in this book are numerous but really seem to be in touch with exactly what a programmer needs. I especially found it helpful with lighting calculations and curved surfaces, two areas that I have always struggled with. For whatever area is holding you back in your game development this really is the best book for you.
“World of Warcraft Programming: A Guide and Reference for Creating Wow Addons”, who doesn’t love World of Warcraft. I would have to say for myself it really is the game that got me interested in programming. I love any opportunity to develop World of Warcraft which is why I really like this book. This again is a great book for any level of programmer. It is designed to fit the needs of every skill level and I feel does a great job at that.

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