Demographics of Today’s Gamers

by Lloyd23 on July 25, 2008

Women are making an increasing appearance in the gaming arena. Wii and interactive PC games respond to the niche created by gaming women. Nintendo Wii is among the first systems to implement programming specifically to target the older, non-gaming and female audiences.
Wii creators have realized their explosion into a larger demographic, but is everyone else keeping up? The answer is yes, or at least attempting to do so. The PlayStation 3 has also tried to break out of its “shell” but with less success. The price of the PS3 helps to limit the amount of consoles available to young gamers, especially children. Many parents are hesitant to pay $599 so that their ten year old can increase his gaming abilities. In order to increase its appeal to the masses PS3 creators tend to advertise the consoles Blue-ray and CELL technologies, instead of the focus of its predecessors. In an attempt to make this a more “adult friendly” machine, the PlayStation may have in fact detached itself from its most reliable demographic, young teenage males counting on getting the latest and greatest from their parents for Christmas. Only time will tell how the PS3 holds up to the competition.
Nielsen studies track the booming generation of women participating in online gaming communities. What is being done to address the need for more “female friendly” gaming opportunities? Little adjustments here and there, major changes are now popping up in all systems that change the stereotype of antisocial, basement gamer. The most popular systems: Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 are all built around networking capabilities that allow interaction between participants. As a gamer, female or male, you are no longer isolated to play by yourself but automatically plugged into a virtually endless community. As programmers and developers work at increasing their demographic and chasing the flagship waves created by the Nintendo Wii we can look forward to more interaction and a definite change in the stereotypical “gamer”.

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