Nintendo Plans for a Strong Future

by Lloyd23 on August 5, 2008

Monday August 4, 2008 the Wall Street Journal featured an interview with Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. Iwata discussed the future of Nintendo as well as some of the Wii accessories that we can expect to see in stores soon. The two accessories unveiled by Nintendo this month are: the Wii Motion Plus and the Wii Speak. Wii Motion Plus is an attachment that makes the Wii controller more responsive to the movements of its operator. Wii Speak enables players to be able to communicate with other players remotely while a game is being played.
Iwata said that most of the ideas that the company had for Wii accessories have already debuted and that there are not plans of releasing very many more. According to Iwata the Wii accessories are to enhance the Wii experience as well as help to incorporate a larger customer base.
Iwata also addressed the fact that Nintendo is making strides beyond the Wii to reach out to a larger gaming demographic. With the launch of the portable Nintendo DS in November of 2004, Nintendo has attracted an increasing amount of women and older consumers. Iwata stated that Nintendo DS is working towards gaining features that will encourage consumers to carry their DS with them at all times. Some of the features that are now offered on the DS system are its wireless features that enable to device to receive airport transfer information and even order food at a sporting event remotely.
Nintendo is working hard to remain where it is in the industry and constantly striving to secure that position by increasing the base consumer.

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