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iPhone 3G Games and Programming

The iPhone 3G is the world’s most advanced smart phone, and game programming opportunities are coming with it. You can now access Apple’s software developer kit, from the Apple website to start programming iPhone 3G programs.
Apple has a developer program, that will cost between $99 and $299 depending on your software design goals. This program will allow developers to develop, test and distribute their iPhone applications. The downside to this program is the wait time. Apple was not prepared for the large turn out of iPhone enthusiasts willing to pay money to try their hand at programming. Most people are being placed on the wait list for enrollment. The exciting part of being able to distribute applications is the possible profit a programmer can gain from sharing their hobby with the iPhone community. Apple splits the proceeds with developers 30-70, a good payment if the game becomes popular.
Also as a benefit to those hoping to break into iPhone programming, iTunes has set up a series of instructional videos with their engineers. The link takes you to a page on the Apple website titled the Apple Developer Connection. Consider it the motivational realm for programmers needing a pick me up of inspiration. The tutorials are lectures are given by some of Apple’s leading developers that go in depth on the process of development from idea to distribution. There are also important segments on coding.
For those not so interested in game programming there are plenty of new great applications available for download in the iTunes store. This is the first time since iPhone’s first release a little over a year ago that Apple has allowed outside companies to produce applications for their prized smart phone and it seems to really be paying off. Although lots of the games do cost some money to download there are plenty that are absolutely free. The range in price for games starts around $4.99 and can be as high as $9.99.
For those of you still sporting the first version of the iPhone, no need to be afraid of becoming obsolete, Apple still cares about you and remembers that not that long ago you dropped nearly $600 on their iPhone. In order to bring your phone up to speed just download the new 2.0, which will download automatically when you connect your iPhone to the iTunes library it was installed with. This update will allow every iPhone user, old or new, to enjoy the new benefits that the iPhone 3G has to offer including the new games.


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